Financial Reporting and Fund Administration


Both the AIFM-directive and the UCITS-directive require a comprehensive amount of financial reporting to the supervisory authority. This includes reporting such as annual reports, semiannual, quarterly reports, AIF-report, AIFM-reports, capital requirements (COREP), quarterly reports and more.


This is time consuming processes with large off costs to establish routines for adequate reporting. We have plenty of experience regarding financial reporting for funds, fund management firms and other financial firms. Let us take care of the financial reporting for both your firm and your managed funds.


This can be combined with a full administrative service for AIF-funds, where we for example can manage your net asset valuation process (NAV process) for funds with example unlisted shares and real estates.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about how we can make the financial reporting and administration of both your firm and your funds more efficient!